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Welcome blogger and readers (: this blog just look very simple and crowded maybe. the stories are sometime bored, nonsense and best. But for your information,i treat my blog like my diary. So its up to me to write everything. Keep in touch and follow my blog. And dont forget to leave a comment beside on my story. Its the first step for me to improve the quality of my blog. Thank You

14 May 2011

Sweet Bride and Groom (:

Salam :)

For sweet NENGs ,

Ill hope your marriage will remain untill the end of your life and give your honeymoon a thousand joys (: Psst, tambah lah bilangan cucu Nek rop (!)

For maksu,

Thanks a lot for this two bag . We love it (: Maksu buat diba sayang maksu lebih ketat bila maksu nak belikan bag DOMO-KUN. Okay diba janji belajar rajin rajin then boleh round the world mcm maksu and uncle kan (;


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