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10 December 2010

Congratulation Mak Su !

My Belovaa Mak Su :)
Aftah this i'll call you makcik, boleh kan ?
She'll be married on this 26 Dec , yess cannt wait to attend her wedding ;)

Her Wedding Card tht held at her house , BayuEmas :)

Dibaa suka yg ni maksu ! Mcm DOLL :)

This iPad is her bday gift from her hubby .
Woww, maksu nanti if dibaa got six As, i request this boleh ?Hee

Yeyy my future pak su.Uncle Nizam , jaga aunty i ni elok elok okay .

Thnks fr everything tht u ve give me.

And congratulation to you both , moga
kekal abadi (; chinggg

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