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Welcome blogger and readers (: this blog just look very simple and crowded maybe. the stories are sometime bored, nonsense and best. But for your information,i treat my blog like my diary. So its up to me to write everything. Keep in touch and follow my blog. And dont forget to leave a comment beside on my story. Its the first step for me to improve the quality of my blog. Thank You

20 November 2010


Sabtu : 20 Nov 2010 : 8.00 am - 4.45 pm .
USA :)
Sumpah penat tolong dia angkat barang hingga tingkat tiga .
Huhh penat mcm mendaki pun ada kot . Grr
Aeon Bukit Tinggi :)
Okay niat nak tengok Harry Potter , tapi kami tak minat .
So tukar 2 Alam tak jadi sebab ada sale .
Yehaaa shopping shopping .
"Dibaa, akak tak bole cucuk duit ohh. Mesin tu rosak"
Okay fine , degil kan tak cucuk kat Banting --''
Finally, usha jea lah then makan kat Fodd Court .
Nak jimat wehh :D

Jumpa mereka pulak :)
Teman Kak Lyssa cari kasut .

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