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02 June 2010

Susah .

Semalam tk sempat nk update belogg pasal paper smlm .
Busy membaca lh :D
  • Science 1 and 2 - Okey lh kott. Insyaallah target tercapai (:
  • BM 1 dan 2 - Pon Okeyy !
  • English 1 and 2 - Objektif fifty fifty lh. Tp paper2 smpi tangg novel. kasi taram jeah, entah bahasa apa dh masuk dlm paper jawapan tu hah .
  • Agama Islam - Not bad !
  • Geografi - Separuh separuh lh. Tp lebih paruh pd susah .
  • Sejarah - Seratus peratus campur satu susah gila nk mati wea !

Countdown for next two subject (maths and KHB) and then merdeka woe :D

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