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Welcome blogger and readers (: this blog just look very simple and crowded maybe. the stories are sometime bored, nonsense and best. But for your information,i treat my blog like my diary. So its up to me to write everything. Keep in touch and follow my blog. And dont forget to leave a comment beside on my story. Its the first step for me to improve the quality of my blog. Thank You

05 June 2010

1) 3 Names in Your Inbox Cellphone
Miss Jimah Hafizi Aziemah

(2) Your Main Ringtone
Trouble Is A Friend by LENKA

(3) What U Did At 12 Last Night?
watching Nancy Drew

4) Who Was The Last Person You Went Out With? Where?
Aina Amira si comel ke Megah during recess on the class time .

(5) The Color 0f The T-Shirt You’re Wearing? Now?

(6) The Last Thing U Did?
Reply comment Fatiin .

(7) 3 of Your Everyday Favorite Items
(8) The Color of Your Bedroom?

(9) How Much Money in Your Wallet Now?
Sebelum bershopping tadi RM100, skrg RM40, err --' bankrupt !
(10) How’s Life?
Family and the really peoples called Friend .
(11) Your Favorite Song?
Apa sahaja dari tekak YUNA and LENKA.

(12) What Will You Do Next Weekend?
Beli belah hostel's stuffs mybe .
(13) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mom?
Never it be the last time because she's always on my side .
(14) Where Is She Now?
With her sweetdream on the sofa front TV.

(15) When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Parent?
Aftah maghrib, ajak dinner kat dapur -.-

(16) Who Is The Last Person That Texted You?
Miss Jimah

(17) Where Did You Have Dinner Last Night?
Desa cafe

(18) The Last Surprise You Got?
Maksu delay wedding dy kat Singapore tu ke 11 Jan 2011 kott. Err--' saiz baju aku dh bertambah lh cmni.

(19) Last Thing You Borrowed From Your Friend
Kertas nota komsas kemba boug.

(20) Who is Your Bf/Gf Or Husband/Wife?
Bf : Amir al-azim (sedara sindiri) --' tak tahu hukum ke hah ?
Wife : Nur Aziemah Muhd Arif

(21) What Do You Feel Now?
Gembira sbb dipinggir ;)

(22) Wanna Share With Who?
Miss Jimah

(23) Who Knows Your Secret?
Kak Dyla, Fatin dan Sabrina dan ramai lagi . err, aku tk pandai simpan rahsia sendiri ;D

(24) They Keep Your Secret?
Of course, tp kalau rahsia kt wanis tu dh jadi cerita bukan rahsia lagi dah :D

(25) Are You Angry With Someone?
Lebih dari tu --'

(26) What do you order at McD?
Spicy chicken mcDeluxe

(27) The Last Time You Felt So Sad?
Minggu exam PPT 2010 .

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Wanis said...

ne de wanis skg pndai smpn rhsie au..
okeyh fine,,
who is wanis en..
plzz shut up..
dont cment [papew,,
wanis dh trsentp,
aten n rina jew r,,
oops gi 1 jimah jew r..