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Welcome blogger and readers (: this blog just look very simple and crowded maybe. the stories are sometime bored, nonsense and best. But for your information,i treat my blog like my diary. So its up to me to write everything. Keep in touch and follow my blog. And dont forget to leave a comment beside on my story. Its the first step for me to improve the quality of my blog. Thank You

16 April 2010

Ohh no ! I love damn much this 15 April 10 .
A happy day without any problems and any duck-mouth.
Peeps ! Just one make me unhappy for this week.
But i'll keep it as a secret :
Before that, I want to tell you peoples that i'm now on my way
To improve my English skill and grammar.
So, help me in that .
Tell me whats my wrong word or grammar .
Thank You (:

Ohh yeah ! Actually, I wanna to story mory about the date .
From that morning and from i entered the school gate i was smile longly !
First about the assembly .
Teacher make a shock-sportcheck with no annoucement .
For sure, i'm not escape in that (:

Second about the oral task for English subject .
Currently i'm not ready to do that .
Bcse i'm not prepare any script ;[
But i just tell myself " adibahh ! just get cool . don't feel nervous. you can do it!"
Then, after Fatin's turn .
Teacher call my name " Now i call Puan Siti Adibah "
Classmates " tak boleh blahh Puan ! "
Haha .
I'm so nervous but i've tried .
thanks god !
I'm got 14 over 15 .

It same with Fatin .
And so far, we're the highest (;

Third about moi cik abang ♥
IDK why i FIL eith him .
Bcse i love to see his smile !
After kelastambahan ,
i need to go my other other class-tuition at PTMS .
And what i want to tell you that we're go back together !
Izzati and najihah said " Rapat siott ! "
Oyeah ? I like that XD

Fourth about Hambali .
During after recess around 5.15 pm ,
He entered my class : Adibahh ! Sini kejap .
I was too shock : hah ? Ape dia nak ?
Then, i just stay in class : Cepat lahh !
So, i go out from class : Ape mau ?
With his poyo : Teman aku pegy Megah ?

Hah : Buat ape ?
: Aku nak beli and sambil tu aku ade benda nak cakapp .

Too anxious : Bagi tahu je lahh . Kejap lagi sir masuk lahh .
: Alahh, aku nak pindah alam shah KL ! Cepatlh, nnt dh tk dpt kluar dgn aku.
Hmm : Dah cepat pegy Chantek je lah .
After that, whe i back home .
Suddenly, i remembered our sweet times at skkd on 2005-2007 .
Btw, thanks for the al sweetenest !
Sweet message ,
Sweet Call ,
Sweet MMS ,
Sweet gift [ bracelet and our name keychain ]
Now, i was hang the keychain on my pencilcase.
Sorry and just forget the last bad moments .
Our monkey-fighting .
Hahaa .
And you must know this : You're the bestbestfriend for me !
Good Luck for your study :)

Then, this evening,
i'll go to Kota Kemuning with sistah to come my cousin's picnic for her Bday party .
Aryssa happy Birthday dear !
I love you damn much ♥

She's at nailpour
With her mommy

She's at sallon