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Welcome blogger and readers (: this blog just look very simple and crowded maybe. the stories are sometime bored, nonsense and best. But for your information,i treat my blog like my diary. So its up to me to write everything. Keep in touch and follow my blog. And dont forget to leave a comment beside on my story. Its the first step for me to improve the quality of my blog. Thank You

18 March 2010

last night at my house do some tahlil, bandar ckp ape ? HAHA, idm ;) then, huhh..tahlil macam kenduri ohh. penat je. petang pegy hantar makanan kat rumah sedara mara . ohh, kakak drive ohh, so thats her secnd drive lhh, tibe kat rumah si sedara ni, seperti adat islam mulekan dgn salam. AICEHH then, salam saya dijawab dgn " arrrggghhhh,,diebott ! cik yamm ! " idk what hppen with her, entah adat mane dia ikut, so, rumah sedara pun kn, just "babe, aku masuk aww." yeahh ! she's just wearing a shirt with short one, patutlah kau jerit mcm ape je. then, ceroboh her bedroom, she close her sexy lwg with kaen batik ! AHAHA. waa ! kte sedare, muhrim kan ? dont worry, i dont want to rape you ! bhahaha XD then, lepakk borak kejap. tgk slip result PAT dy, Phhfffttt... Pandai siott ! malu :( hoho, then, pegy area TSP, odw uhh, ape lagi snap lhh ! HAHA

13:05 pm :)
Tadi saje view blog kejap, then, teringat si pembace blog ni mengkritik , : Ehh you ! show your followers, tatau nak follow cmne . HAHA , Sorry korg, saya bukan taknak show, malu jea coz ni belog baru lg so tk ramai pengikut . Hehe. btw, i'v unhide my followers,

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